Altibase – The Ultimate Relational Database Management System

Altibase is an enterprise grade open source database that provides you with the benefits of both a disk-resident database and an in-memory database in a single unified engine. It’s loaded with all the necessary features and functions you would expect from an expensive relational database management system. Altibase offers hybrid architecture, meaning you can utilize disk tables and memory tables for economical storage and high performance respectively. This also goes a long way toward ensuring the optimum use of a server’s resources and reducing TCO.

The world’s leading tech giants and mobile telecommunications providers, including China Mobile and Samsung Electronics have adopted Altibase technologies to meet their growing business demands. If you’re interested in learning more about how Altibase helped Samsung Electronics in its 5G telecommunications equipment, click here.


Unlike its disk-resident peers, Altibase offers a variety of advantages that help enterprises stand out from the crowd. It is an ideal choice for organizations and companies wanting to improve the cost-effectiveness and performance of their OEM solutions.

What sets Altibase apart from the rest is that it is the only in-memory database provider to offer absolute ACID compliance with a variety of cutting-edge features and expansive ecosystem. Let’s have a look at the key features of Altibase:

  • It can provide you with over 100,000 transactions per second, and the response rate is measured in microseconds.
  • Altibase’s replication allows real-time duplication between non-disruptive services and remote data centers via standby servers even when the system fails. 
  • Its sharding technology offers auto scale-out, meaning data nodes can be reduced and extended without any service disruption. 
  • It is free of any IP infringement 

The majority of businesses and organizations who have used Altibase seem to be very happy and satisfied. If you’re struggling with stability and latency issues, Altibase may be the solution for all your pertinent problems.