Are garage doors covered by home insurance?

Whenever you take out any home insurance, you want to make sure that every single thing is covered. So, are garage doors covered by home insurance?

It’s all explained in this article. Keep reading.


Do home insurance policies cover garage doors?

Garage insurance is typically included in a standard home insurance policy. A garage’s level of coverage will depend on which insurance company you select, which will take into account whether the garage is attached or detached.

It may not be covered by insurance if your garage is outside of your home and must be added to the policy separately.

In addition to covering the structure of the garage (buildings insurance), the contents of the garage are typically covered as well (contents insurance).

How does an insurance claim for a garage door work?

  • Ensure that the event that caused the damage to your garage door is covered by your insurance policy. Your insurance company should be contacted if you are unsure.
  • Next, determine who is at fault. Depending on whether the damage was caused by the weather or a fire, some insurance policies may only pay out if the person who caused it was a member of your household. They may be covered by their car insurance if a third party damages their vehicle.
  • Last but not least, you need to follow the steps outlined by your insurance company if you feel you have a valid claim. In some cases, this may require sending documentation, a police report, or repair receipts.

That’s how you can take your claim for your garage door.

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