Six Exciting New Gadgets of 2017 at CES

CEC 2017 showcased many exciting gadget, some upcoming and others available already. Following is a list of six exciting new gadgets of 2017

Mobile Security Camera Kuri

The concept of security camera is not new, but Kuri has combined robotic technology with modern control features to create an exciting security robot. Kuri will be available at the end of 2017. It can roam your home keeping an eye on your pets and kids while you are busy doing some work or not at home.


Smart Bed: Sleep Number 360

Sleep Number has designed a bed that will sense many things and make your time in bed more comfortable. For example, when it senses that your feet are cold, it will raise the temperature to warm your feet. It can also listen if you are snoring and elevates your head to lessen the sound.

Smart Bed Sleep Number 360


Eye-tracking Headset: Fove 0

This product is still in its development. Fove 0 has combined eye-tracking technology with VR. VR technology is evolving and getting better, and a combination of VR and eye-tracking is exciting for technology enthusiasts.

Eye-tracking Headset Fove 0

Featherlight wall-mounted TV: LG W7

It really seems the technology of the future. It is so thin that it almost looks like a part of the wall. With 65 inch and 77 inch models, the picture quality is one of the best in the industry.

Featherlight wall-mounted TV LG W7

Anger Management Robot: Hubble Hugo

Hubble Hugo is another exciting new gadget of 2017 shown at this CES. Its face recognition technology identifies the anger on the face. When it detects anger, it can automatically launch fan, music, or an audiobook.

Anger Management Robot Hubble Hugo

Self-balancing Motorcycle: Honda

Now, your motorcycle does not need you to stay in balance. Honda’s exciting new gadget of 2017 self-balancing motorcycle can balance itself and even park itself without any assistance.

Self-balancing Motorcycle Honda