Useful Free Windows Applications Which You Might Not Know

The power on Windows does not come from the operating system itself, but it comes from the variety of available applications. There are many paid and free Windows applications for you to choose from. Here, we will talk about free applications only, and the applications that are, relatively, less known.

Free Windows Applications

Media Player: PotPlayer

Well, it is not less known, but it is not very popular either. Although, you can choose many of nice media players, save Windows Media Player, no media player I know is better than PotPlayer. Simple, elegant, user-friendly, and packed with options, you will probably find everything you want from your media player. And the playback is the smoothest of all media players that I have used since Windows 95 days.

Power Saver: Turn Off Your LCD by Redmond Pie

A very small, but very useful, program to turn off your LCD. Why wait for your computer’s power management to kick in when you can turn off LCD with a single click? Pin it to your Windows taskbar and save power always.

Audio Quality Analyzer: Spek

Ever wondered about the sound quality of a file? If the specs of a music file tell you that it Lossless or 320 kbps, would you believe it? I would not unless I see its spectrogram in Spek. In fact, you can convert a 32 kbps audio file into 320 kbps or even lossless. But that will not increase its sound quality; in fact, it might decrease. But you can view its spectrogram and see the quality yourself.

PDF Printer: Bullzip

Again, it hard to say that Bullzip is lesser known. But many people still do not know the benefits it offers. It is free but offers the best quality to convert virtually any kind of document to pdf.