Where to Buy Kat Walk Mini Online? Twisted Reality, the Authorized US Distributor of Kat Walk Mini

Are you having problem buying Kat Walk Mini in the US? Twisted Reality, the leading online store that sells virtual reality equipment, is the authorized distributor of Kat Walk Mini. They have been selling VR equipment for quite a long time and understand exactly how it’s done. Kat Walk Mini is their best-selling product that’s very popular among VR tech enthusiasts.


Kat Walk Mini is a product of KATVR, a China-based VR software and hardware research company who’s famous for introducing cutting-edge VR accessories and packages to meet present day VR gaming fans. Kat Walk Mini is the world’s first omnidirectional treadmill that has everything to cater to the needs of gamers and VR enthusiasts. When it comes to design, the KATVR’s ODT comprises an unrestrictive and adaptive design that is fully compatible with all VR platforms, headsets and games supporting free locomotion. You can keep it anywhere, thanks to its portable design. Users can freely walk, turn around, sprint, walk backwards, strafe, crouch or even sit down to collect bonuses or pickup objects from the ground when playing their favorite titles in the Virtual World.

The KATVR’s omnidirectional treadmill uses contactless sensor and optimized algorithm that is more accurate and efficient in comparison to its competitors in the market. It offers much lower delay and covers only 2 square meters of floor space. Users can easily set up or disassemble the whole construction in no time. It reacts immediately to every move you make to provide you with a realistic walking, jumping, and moving experience with greatest precision you can’t get with any other ODT.ce4c5b 29edfd8699f547f7a69fd32ed9133192~mv2To provide you with natural walking experience, the machine employs special shoes that are designed to offer optimum friction. If you’re tired of old VR games and gears, be sure to give KATVR’s omnidirectional treadmill a go to take your virtual experience to new heights. It can be used for gaming, business, educational explorations, or even training simulations. It offers full 360 movement to allow you to experience a one-of-a-kind VR experience. Your opportunities are endless when you’re using KATVR’s Kat Walk Mini.

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