Which Hookah Accessories Should I Buy?

To leave your Hookah Toronto complete, you need some accessories that must be guaranteed at the time of purchase. In addition to the stem, pot, dish, hose and rosh, we recommend that you also buy a damper and even a heat controller. The damper will serve for your session to take a little longer to finish, helping the coal by heating up the essence. And the heat controller also has this function and still avoids the use of aluminum. We also recommend that you purchase a suitcase to carry your setup among other Shisha Toronto accessories to facilitate the preparation as forks and drills, transportation and handling of coal, cleaning of your Hookah, etc.

Which Hookah Accessories Should I Buy?

How much does a hookah cost?

The price will depend a lot on the quality, functionality and exclusivity of it. But nowadays you can buy Hookah Online Toronto for $200, or pass the thousand. But everything will depend on the type of accessories that you will choose. To start we recommend that you take a peek at our ready kits with excellent cost x benefit.

What size of Hookah is best?

The size of the hookah will not influence its performance as much as many people think. This will depend heavily on the materials used and the way in which you will prepare your session.

When choosing the size of your hookah, you have to take into consideration where you will smoke your hookah (home, parties and etc). If you like to hang out with your hookah for bars, parties, barbecues and more. If you do not consider yourself a very careful person, we indicate that you buy a small Hookah. Now if you consider yourself a careful person, or even leave your hookah more at home or take it to safe places, a large setup can be a great option, even serving as a decoration for an environment.

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