5 Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Your Windows PC with Glary Utilities

It is a common experience that the Windows PCs tend to become slower with the passage of time. Newer versions of Windows have tackled this problem somewhat. However, even with the latest Windows 10 installed, you might feel that your PC is getting slower and slower. It is not just in your head, as some computer gurus might suggest.

To keep your Windows PC in a prime condition, we will use a program called Glary Utilities. Beware of the other programs that claim to speed up your Windows PC, however. Most of the programs that claim to speed up your PC are scams and actually install viruses or adware. Glary Utilities is a legitimate and very useful program, however. Following are the five tips and tricks to speed up your Windows PC.

Speed Up Your Windows PC

Perform 1-Click Maintenance

Glary Utilities is a collection of many utilities to speed up your Windows PC. Using 1-click maintenance feature, you can clean your registry, fix shortcuts, scan and remove spyware, repair disks, erase tracks, clean temporary files, and check Windows startup for problems.

Check Windows Startup for Unnecessary Programs

Windows maintains a list of programs that will start automatically when Windows starts. Go to Advanced Tools in Glary Utilities, click Optimize and Improve and then click Startup Manager. Here you can uncheck any programs that you believe are not required.

Disk Defrag

Use disk defragmentation once a week. Please remember that if you have an SSD in your computer, you do not need to defragment that drive.

Registry Defrag

The registry is an important area in Windows systems. Defrag the registry once a month to keep your PC fast.

Use Context Menu Manager

Go to Clean Up & Repair and click Context Menu Manager. It is highly recommended to uncheck any items in the list that you do not want to use.