Know How You Can Blog on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular and biggest social networking platforms, allowing you to share information and connect with your family, friends and co-workers. If you run your own blog and want to promote it on Facebook, you are at the right place here. Though Facebook doesn’t bring you any special platform for blogging, but you can still get most out of it by sharing your blog posts on Facebook.

Know How You Can Blog on Facebook

It’s super easy as anyone with little tech knowledge can comprehend the whole procedure. You can do this either by copy pasting your links into the Update Status, using 3rd party apps or using Facebook’s Notes feature. Below we’ve put together some of the easy methods to share or promote your blog on Facebook. Let’s find out what method grabs your interest.

Method 1

You may either click on ‘Profile’ or ‘Home’ links located above to access the Update Status. Copy your blog link (you want to share) and paste into the Update Status Box and you’re done. Click on the post button to make it published on the Facebook. Your followers and friends can see your blog link in their news feeds.

Method 2

Facebook’s Notes Feature is no less than a treasure for bloggers who always want to share their views and thoughts with others. Go to to access Notes feature that will let you paste your blog content. You can use different text formats such as numbered lists, bullets, italic, bold and more.

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