Dell PowerEdge R330 Rack Server Offers Greater Versatility to Accelerate App Performance in Remote Office/Branch Office and SMB

The Dell PowerEdge R330 is a cutting-edge server designed to drive applications faster while offering room for the future development. It features top-of-the-line DDR4 memory, Intel® processors and PCIe Gen3 I/O to take your business to the next level.

Dell PowerEdge R230

Users can drive greater memory performance by expanding the capacity up to 64GB using four DIMM slots and improved DDR4 memory. It offers 50 percent faster clock speed in comparison to its predecessors. The R330 SNSR33020 ensures you get fast response times with its powerful quad core Xeon® E3-1220 v6 centeral processing unit. It also comes with dual core precessoer options such as Intel Celeron ®, Intel Core i3 ®, or Intel Pentium ®.

This server drives 2x data throughput than Generation 2.0 and improves IOPS performance with PowerEdge PERC9 RAID Controller. What sets this apart from the rest is that it allows you to increase storage options with up to 2 additional 1.8-inches SSD drives to speed up system reboot/boot time.

Supporting Microsoft Hyper –V, Citrix® ZenServer®, Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization, VMware® vSphere ESXi and Microsoft Hyper –V, the R330 Rack Server adapts to changing workload situations like a pro. It brings you maximum operational efficiency you can’t get with any other server similar to this range. To keep tabs on the health and behavior of the system, you can use Dell OpenManage Essentials console.

It supports the following systems: Dell OpenManage Essentials, Dell OpenManage Mobile, PMI 2.0 compliant, and Dell OpenManage Power Center. It’s a complete package for anyone looking for a cost-effective rack server.

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