Google Advertising Training

In my ten years doing business, I have never been as intimidated as I was four months ago. I had just put up an E-commerce store on Lazada and had not made any sales for over two months. When you have been making profits for over ten years, you start to feel as if you have a good hand in the market. That you sell the best products in the worst situations and that nothing can ever change this. My business largely relied on word of mouth marketing and operated from a local shop downtown.

Google Advertising Training

Taking on the internet for my business was definitely a big leap and a way for me to expand my business. It was not until the third month into the business that I decided to change strategy and look for information on how to better my business. From the mumble all over Singapore, I was able to learn about Conversion Hub’s Digital Marketing courses. Firstly, being the skeptic I am, I enrolled for their “How to sell on Lazada” course since I own a shop on Lazada’s platform. The results were just spectacular and I had to go back for more. Ever since I have taken a course once a month on different topics regarding digital marketing. However, the most significant training for me has been on Google advertising.

Have you heard of Digital Marketing Singapore?

Conversion Hub has mastered the art of delivery. Being a common guest at various community talks, I can easily tell when the content is great but the delivery is extremely poor. In this case, the company not only gave an outstanding delivery but also had impeccable content. I am very critical of the type of content I allow myself to indulge in. Having participated in other courses offered by this company, the Google Advertising course was probably the most outstanding. Not only was it easy for me to comprehend what was being presented but it was also very practical for someone like me.

The age of Practical solutions

Practical solutions should be at the center of every course. Google Advertising training offers the easiest yet most efficient solutions to common problems while marketing your products online. For starters, I did not know how important a landing page was until after the training. Also, I did not know that fans could be easily converted to advocates for your store by simply carrying out social proofing? It’s amazing what a simple Call-to-Action can do for an online business. Be sure to enjoy this experience in Internet Marketing Singapore.  The course also involved Facebook Advertising training which was a great addition from me since I constantly use the social platform.

Other Benefits of Training with Conversion Hub

Other than great support from the friendly facilitators, Conversion Hub also offers a month’s free worth of access to their digital resource vault with over 40 E-learning courses. This means that in the end, you get more than you paid for. Other resources include over 500 videos, PR distribution lists worth US $ 2576 and proprietary SEO databases. I see no reason for anyone with a serious business inclination who can refuse such an offer. It is very simple, simply get access to all this from Conversion Hub’s website and book your way into success