Reasons to use Vantage Free WordPress Theme

WordPress has a large number of themes, some better than others. Here, we will discuss an amazing WordPress theme: Vantage by SiteOrigion. So, why should you choose Vantage WordPress theme when there are thousands of other themes available freely? Following are some important reason to choose Vantage by SiteOrigion over other free WordPress themes.

Vantage Free WordPress Theme

Free and Paid Versions

Vantage is available in both free and paid versions. Unlike many other free WordPress themes, however, Vantage does not have any considerable limitations in its free version. In fact, it would be hard for you to find any limitation in the free version that hampers you in building an amazing WordPress website.

Active Development

Many free WordPress themes are not developed actively and for the obvious reason. Vantage, however, is being developed actively and you will receive free updates. It means that your theme is one of the most secure themes out there and it always has the most advanced features.

Pre-built Templates

Prebuilt templates are so useful that you can build your sites many times faster. Just choose a pre-built template, change the pictures and the text, and you are ready to go.

Customization Options

Vantage free WordPress theme has all the customization options that you would expect from any good WordPress themes. In fact, you might find that it has more customization options than many paid themes. You can even add custom CSS right from the WordPress, without digging the WordPress files.

Excellent Documentation and Support

There are few other themes that have such a detailed documentation and support. If you have some question about the customization of the theme, there is a great chance that your question has already been asked and answered. If you want the SiteOrigion team to provide you custom support, however, you need to buy the theme. Buying the Vantage theme is an investment you won’t regret.