iPhone Features You Might Not Know

We do not want to read long user manuals consisting of hundreds of pages. In fact, manufacturers know this already, and nowadays, products like iPhones are shipped with very concise user manuals. There’s a downside to it. Most users know frequently used features but miss hundreds of iPhone features unless they stumble upon them. Following is a list of iPhone features that you might not know.

iPhone Features

Shut Off iPhone Flashlight Quickly

In iPhone Control Center, there is access to flashlight. Enable it, and you can quickly shut off the light using the camera shortcut from the iPhone lock screen.

Spirit Level

Your iPhone has already replaced your iPod, GPS device, torch, and watch. It has the ability to check bubble level, or spirit level as it is called. iPhone’s leveling tool uses the gyroscope to find the perfect horizontal or vertical level. Launch compass and swipe right to access this tool.

Rich Formatting in Apps

Many apps in iPhone support rich formatting like bold, underline, and italics. Many users do not know this, however. Long-press the text to highlight it and tap the arrow in the resulting popup to access these options.

Go Back Quickly

Many Android users miss the back button, which is not present on the iPhone. In most apps, you can simply swipe right from the edge of your iPhone screen to go back.

Earbud Power Features

Most people use iPhone’s earbud button to receive and end calls. But they do not know about a dozen of other possibilities. You can pause and resume music, skip a song, forward and rewind, reject calls, and many more things with stock earbud iPhone features.

Lock Camera Focus and Exposure

To lock the focus, tap and hold the object, and you will see a yellow bar appear at the top of iPhone’s screen. Now, you can move the phone but the focus will remain on that particular object.

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