Top Key Benefits of Programmatic Ad Yield Management

Yield management (aka revenue optimization) helps publishers and advertisers make the most of ad inventory and spend. The concepts behind yield management have been around for decades, but they are now evolving rapidly through the adoption of programmatic technologies. Programmatic yield or programmatic The goal of ad yield management is to maximize ad spend and inventory utilization. Publishers and advertisers benefit from the use of programmatic technologies.

Programmatic Ad Yield Management

Benefits of programmatic ad yield management

Programmatic ad yield management offers several benefits for both publishers and advertisers, including:

  •         A more streamlined approach to ad inventory and spend
  •         Yield and revenue maximization 
  •         An improved understanding of campaigns and campaigns performance

Companies these days are using programmatic ad yield management across multiple channels; online content, social media networks and even the more traditional broadcast mediums. This technology is a way for businesses to buy media in a highly automated fashion with minimal interaction from human parties. It allows companies to focus on the metrics that are most important to them when working with advertising channels. The analytics tools within this platform allow businesses to see how their campaigns are performing in real time. This can be very useful for keeping track of what is working and what is not, allowing better targeting in the future.

The main benefit of programmatic ad yield management comes from the repeatable nature of the technology. This means that the bot can analyse a particular type of media and then use this analysis in order to be more effective in negotiating with the appropriate middle party when placing an ad. 

Moreover, programmatic ad yield management is very scalable, so it can be used on a large scale across all channels. With such high volumes of ads being bought and sold within these systems, the most effective way for companies to manage this is through automation.