Most Amazing Features of Phonespying – A Facebook Spy App

Phonespying – the facebook tracking application makes it easy to constantly check files shared on facebook. It allows you to be accessible to every media exchanged such as videos, photos, and documents. In addition, the application also allows you be familiar with the right date and time of these online exchanges. Learn more about how to hack facebook via Phonespying.

A Facebook Spy App

Access to GPS

This tracking application gives you location access of the phone where this application is installed. This function is useful for easily tracking the locations of the targeted device. It could be of great value to people who want to track their children or to company owners who wish to be familiar with the locations of their company staff. More significantly, if you lose your own smartphone, the application could help determine your location.

Access to the front Camera

The most excellent way to distinguish effective spy app from a less effective app is to verify if it provides the accessibility to the front cam of the targeted smartphone. Whenever, the user unlocks his phone, the tracking application takes his picture without his noticing. This makes sure that you are familiar with who is operating the targeted smartphone every time. In case, you have shared the password of your smartphone and someone wants to access it, you will receive a notification.

Replacing the SIM Card

The tracking application tracks the device even though someone changes the SIM card. In addition, every moment the SIM card is changed in phone, you will be notified accordingly. This would guarantee continuous monitoring of the targeted device.

Multiple devices at once

The application helps the tracking of more than one device at a certain time. This makes sure that you can track your spouse, children and company staff all at once.

It will give you full accessibility and includes facebook tracking, not only of messages, but also of media files.